Welcome To Harshman Racing.   Your one stop shop for all your racing needs!

Harshman Racing
is dedicated to serving the customer in as many ways possible. We like to think of us as your one stop shop for all your racing needs. We are located in Smitshburg Maryland, and have a full automotive repair, machine, and performance shop; all in house! We can do all sorts of work from basic to advanced auto repair, to performance engine and chassis building. We can do it all.

   We have been in business since 1994 so you know you can trust our expertise.
Give us a call to see what Harshman Racing can do for you!

  Harshman Racing sells Phantom Racing & AK Speed Shop Chassis, along with Van-K wheels, burris,maxxis & Vega tires. We also are a Fuzion Composite body dealer.


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